Six Reasons To Listen To Younger People

For the first time in my career, the majority of people I work with are younger than I am – often by a decade or more. I love this – even though one of the things I’ve learned from them is that 25 is the new standard for beginning a “preventative” Botox regime, and that is craaaaaaazy to me. There are a number of reasons why I enjoy the role of elder statesman, at the grand ole age of 36.

Here are six reasons to enjoy the company – professional, personal and otherwise – of people who are younger than you are: Continue reading


Being The Boss

I was a reporter in a newspaper bureau, covering the county school system and writing stories about things like dress codes, standardized test scores and school board politics.

I enjoyed it but grew bored after a couple of years. I was pretty sure I wanted to be an editor. Or, more specifically, in charge.

When one of the designers in the office built an internal website for employees to get to know each other better, she had us fill out a survey that included our plans for the future.

I answered, “The boss of you.” Continue reading

18 Lessons From The Workplace

Image courtesy of Less Cake, More Frosting.

Image courtesy of Less Cake, More Frosting

Some hard lessons I continue to learn in the workplace that have made me a better coworker, employee, boss, leader and human being.

In no particular order:

1. Acting on assumptions will get you in trouble at least 50 percent of the time. That is a gamble you wouldn’t make if it involved money, your home, or people you loved. When you don’t know something, ask until you do, or decide to let it go.

2. Look for facts as well as opinions. Facts will help you know what decisions to make. Opinions will help you communicate them.

3. Age is not correlated to wisdom. Youth is not synonymous with fresh ideas. People of all ages are capable of insight and creativity. Just as people of all ages may all become beleaguered with small mindedness and bitterness.

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