India update: We leave Monday!


That is what I expect to feel when I return from India, and that is what I feel right now.

I feel grateful my visa came through – this Tuesday, less than a week before we are set to leave – after a mountain of paperwork and bureaucracy.

I am grateful for friends who helped and encouraged my mom, daughter and me when we were skeptical that would happen.

I am grateful for people who remind me India isn’t a retreat to relax the body, but rather an experience to enrich the spirit.

I am grateful I have the kind of parents with whom I want to travel the world, and the kind of kid who wants to join us.

We leave Monday afternoon.

I plan to write and take pictures. In the meantime, we’re rushing to pack and prepare.

We are grateful for advice and kindness. (We have a growing list of questions on the next page.)

Thanks, y’all.

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India update: Still no visa, but I’ve got friends and trust

Our “Eat Pray Love”-meets-“Steel Magnolias” trip to India is set to begin a week from Monday.

Will all three of us – my mom, my daughter and I – be on that plane bound for Bangalore?

I still don’t know. Here’s an update from my last post, along with what what I’m choosing to learn from this experience:

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Who knew romantic Eat Pray Love + Steel Magnolias trip would begin so bureaucratically?

Market in Bangalore, Southern India, from PnPl's Flickr stream

My mother, daughter and I are set to travel to India in two weeks, but only the 9-year-old has the proper paperwork stamped, approved and ready to go.

Lily jokes, “I’ll be flying to India by myself.”

Apparently I’m raising a brave, determined girl. You know what? So did my mother.

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