Ten tiny food pleasures are ritualistic and delicious

Lemonade with sugared rim and mint; frozen blueberries; salted almonds.

I have been looking for small ways to treat myself this week, and it occurred to me that when it comes to food, what delights and soothes me has as much to do with ritual and association as it does flavor and sustenance. Here are some favorite tiny pleasures I think others might enjoy:

  • Frozen blueberries. I fill a little dish and eat them one by one. My fingers turn blue. When my grandmother was undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer, I made her homemade ginger ale and garnished her glass with blueberries I found in her freezer. According to a cookbook I bought when I learned she had cancer, the flavors are strong enough to be enjoyed by chemo patients whose taste buds have been damaged by the treatments. Continue reading

Guilty pleasures Friday

Yep, Twizzlers make me happy. So do the rest of these things. And you?

  1. Cheetos
  2. Cocktails with garnishes
  3. Fergie
  4. Squeeze Cheese, especially pumped into Bugles.
  5. Old Gregg
  6. Yacht Rock (the actual music, sadly, and not the satire)
  7. Paulo Coelho (I also feel guilty for enjoying him guiltily.)
  8. Facebook
  9. Twizzlers
  10. Omniture (or worse: my own blog’s stats)