Why vintage styles will never be out of fashion

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It was Father’s Day and the men were playing “golf”  in the back yard (drinking beer, hitting balls at tree stumps). Catherine and I raided our mother-in-law’s numerous jewelry boxes. Actually, they were her mother’s jewelry boxes. I don’t know why she asked us to pull them out. She was either nostalgic or bored. I have a better guess as to how she was feeling by the time we were finished. Continue reading


Seven pretty green things

The Irish surname Green has a branch on my father’s family tree, and my dad’s mother dyed her hair red long beyond anyone’s memory of its original auburn. Nevertheless, I have never been one to adorn myself (or awash my beer) in a serious green glow just because it’s St. Patrick’s Day. So in subtle honor of today’s holiday, I offer six gently green (ish) images from around my home and garden. Enjoy!

My friend Arienne Holland gave me this as a present. It belonged to a teacher at Nashville's Howard School. It's among the loveliest presents I've ever received.

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