Is There Anything New Under The Sun?

Lily on her last day of being 10.

My daughter, Lily, on her last day of being 10. She says, “Yes, there is much new under the sun.”

Is there anything new under the sun?

Solomon says no.

With a little more than one day left in 2012, the speaker at our church Sunday asked the congregation what we thought.

I gave the question a solid half hour or so, I promise.

Then my 11-year-old daughter and I went about our frantic, thank-god-the-holidays-are-almost-over, suburban rainy day.

Some lowlights:

– We argued about her nail polish. (She said it was dry, I said it was wet, and when she smudged it and I said ‘I told you so’, she refused to speak to me for at least three whole Taylor Swift songs.)

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The Four Travelers: Who Will You Be in the New Year?


Happy New Year!

Congratulations to all of us for everything we did right in 2012 and everything we’ll do better in 2013.

But instead of a list of things we’re going to do or stop doing this year, I’m wondering if it might be more effective to think about how we’ll do or not do those things.

Please note: I just made this up (on the heels of the emotional hangover that is Christmas), and so it might be ridiculously off-point. (Although probably no more so than the Spotify playlist my daughter and I named “Emus and Hamsters” because her younger friend confused “Emo” boys with “Emu”, like the bird; and my grandmother thought we were saying “hamster” when we were talking about the “hipsters”, but I digress… Anyway, this playlist is full of tracts from bands like Air and Bon Iver and it’s what I’m listening to as I write this.)

Ok. So.

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