This page is a collection of posts about falling in love, being in love, being divorced, being friends with someone you’ve been in love with, being alone, being lonely, and the places where all those things blur together.

I was going to name this page “Love: In & Out Of It”, but that was too long for website navigation. I shortened it to “Love: In & Out”, but that sounded dirty. So I went with “Love”. Simple. Though, of course, love never is.

Here are some favorite posts on the topic.

People You Might Date In Nashville

This is a list of people you might date if you’re single (or hell, even if you’re married) in Nashville. It began as a text exchange between a fellow single mom and me. You should note that this particular friend and I have a texting parlance that affords us to know such things as Android phones inexplicably capitalize “Shit” and iPhones do a likewise thing with a word I can’t bring myself to type on the internet. So take this list with a grain of salt. More…

Marriage, Divorce and What Lasts Forever

It felt strange to answer simply “yes” to questions so complex: Are there irreconcilable differences in your marriage? Are you satisfied with the distribution of property? Do you approve of the plan for co-parenting your daughter? But it was, in ways, a familiar moment. More…

The Air of Solitude and the Weight of Loneliness

Loneliness has weight and texture. It is heavy on your shoulders and piercing between your eyes. It is itchy and impatient. Loneliness is achingly silent, a restless quiet that inspires screaming. Crying. Assuming, judging, complaining, overreacting. It is possible to shift a spell of bitter loneliness to a season of sweet solitude. More…

Why We Plant in Fall

Fall gardening is about the kind of relationships you have (should have, long to have) with your mother, your lover, and your closest friends. It is mysterious, testing and counter-intuitive. More…

The Best Worst Year Ever

What really should have been our most stressful year (Lily’s father and I divorced after 10 years of marriage) has been among our most joyous. Strangers, family and friends — including my ex-husband, a dear friend himself — have kept us moving forward. More…

What Happens to Cliff Divers

Ok – listen – there are times to jump and times to be pushed. You’ve gotta figure out which one is calling to you. You’ve gotta know that regardless of how you’re falling from that cliff – because you were pushed or because you jumped – falling is what you’re doing, and it is scary and awesome. More…

Love is Patience

This pair – the reporter and cartoonist – could tell they had a chemistry those 23 years ago, but one or the other of them was always involved with someone else. More…

Reluctantly In Love

When I met my handsome goofball – or, more precisely, when I began to realize he might be more than a fun guy I met in a bar – I had developed a layer of cynicism. Very early on, I told him, “If you’re going to get to know me, it’s going to be 10 pages at a time.” To myself, I said, “He can have a page. Maybe.” More…

Best Songs Ever

Right now she’s 11 and has a playlist called “Best Songs Ever” which has 125 songs on it. As she gets older, the list will narrow. One song for when she was 13 or 14 and was nursing her first heartbreak. Maybe it’s actually his heart and she broke it. More…

Divorce as a Swimming Pool Metaphor

Several youngish divorced women and I recently swapped stories of our “crazy year(s)” — that whacked-out period after our marriages ended when we had no idea how to behave like normal single people. The conversation brought to mind a favorite relationship analogy: Divorce as a swimming pool. More…


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