So Many Friends


They say friends are the family you choose. I say I have chosen well.

I have numerous circles of lovely, talented, loyal, giving, passionate and hilarious people in my life. Every year there are more circles and more people in the circles. And, at the end of every year, a small handful of people seem to become part of an Inner Circle. You know the Inner Circle: It’s the mood ring. It knows without words when you are in love, pissed off, overtired, anxious, excited, amorous, kidding yourself, kidding your mom, kidding your kid, or sick of wearing this ugly f’ing ring.

The Inner Circle will also take an awkward family photo with you. (See above.)

Here are some posts about my circles.

A love letter to my friends

“In times I’ve been single, I’ve grown closer to my friends.” One of my closest girlfriends told me this after my divorce in March, when some early attempts at dating left me feeling disoriented and discouraged. When you are fragile, it is much easier to be intimate with people who already know you than with those who would like to learn more about you. More…

Things Women Talk About When It’s Just Us

We womenfolk talk about many, many things. But there are some we discuss in more depth when men are not among us. In no particular order, here are a few from my experience. More…

When time is the healer

What I regret most about that year is how my exhausting self-riteousness not only prevented me from having any fun, it cost me a friendship and stopped who knows how many others from blossoming. Worst: it blinded me to how smart, giving and perceptive my roommate was. More…

Infinite, Infamous Party of Us

I’m sorry, Mr. Heavily Tatted Server Guy. I wanted to buy you a shot – God knows you could have used one, dealing with all us. And your colleague the Sunday prior – send a bloody mary to that poor thing. We can be too much. More…

 Tree Painting Needs a Name

I think it shows tremendous loyalty to happily attend a party that weird in the dead of winter, especially since (with the exception of one who drove from West End) every single one of them had to come to Franklin from East Nashville. On the other hand, of course the kind of people who’d go to a party like that would live in East Nashville. I mean that with affection. More…

Life and Death on Facebook

This one is a guest post from my friend Courtney Seiter. It is among the most popular I’ve ever published: If you haven’t had a friend die in the age of Facebook yet, you will. I’m sorry about that. It changes things, the Facebook part. More…

Yes Day!

Today, we had Yes Day. We did not plan Yes Day. It just sorta happened. More…

The Sweetest Little Moments from 2011

Horse racing at Keeneland, bookstores in Green Hills, fire pits in Franklin, drinking in East Nashville. We went everywhere and not a damn place, but we did it together. More…


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