Under the same stars


We are all living under the same stars.

We’re all living on the same ground, facing the same inevitabilities: we’re all going to experience joy, we’re all going to suffer loss, and we’re all going to die.

We’re all going to deal with people saying and doing shitty things to us and to people we love, and we are all going to say and do shitty things to others.

Every single one of us is going to wonder if there is something we are missing. And we are all going to have moments – even if but a moment – when we want for absolutely nothing more than what’s right at hand. If you pray, pray for an entire life of such – for you and everyone in the world.

We are going to be excited about holidays and presents and grandparents and parties, and we are going to feel obligated and overwhelmed by those very same privileges.

We will ache for company, and we will crave solitude.

We will debate whether it’s braver to ride out a rough spot where we are, or chart new territory on our own.

We’re all going to want to punch someone we love in the throat. We’re going to regret it when we do.

We’re going to overthink some plans, and we’re going to jump impulsively into bad decisions.

At some point, we’re going to discover sex, faith and death. At another point, we’re going to realize we were wrong about what we were sure of.

We’re going to do too much of something, not enough of something else.

Each of us is smaller than we think we are, and all of us are bigger.

We’re all the same under the stars.


Six Reasons To Listen To Younger People

For the first time in my career, the majority of people I work with are younger than I am – often by a decade or more. I love this – even though one of the things I’ve learned from them is that 25 is the new standard for beginning a “preventative” Botox regime, and that is craaaaaaazy to me. There are a number of reasons why I enjoy the role of elder statesman, at the grand ole age of 36.

Here are six reasons to enjoy the company – professional, personal and otherwise – of people who are younger than you are: Continue reading

Changes and constants

White shoes on Veterans Day

White shoes on Veterans Day

It was warm today when we watched the Veterans Day parade; we took our coats off and stood in the sunshine. And tomorrow it will be cold; optimistic kids are calling for a Snow Day.

The seasons change in fits and starts, and probably there will be one more day when we go without leggings before we pull out the gloves, which we will wear until one day in the middle of winter when it feels like spring but isn’t.

For several years in a row, I left work early on New Year’s Day to go hiking or for a run. That was when I always worked on New Years.

I don’t do that anymore if I can avoid it. I’d rather be with my family, or my friends who are like my family.

If we do it right, the way we live our lives evolves. Continue reading