340 Tracks and Counting

This is my 12-year-old daughter Lily’s blog post from today: 340 Tracks and Counting

She texted me when I was at work:

“Wrote a new blog post.”

I read it immediately.

There was a time when I wouldn’t have done that. Wrapped up in my career to the point of delegating all the parenting to her father.

Then we divorced and I couldn’t do that anymore.

That’s when I became a real mom. Not only did my relationship with my daughter improve, ALL of my relationships did – including the one with my ex-husband.

And that’s why all the songs (and memories) she mentions here are from our post-divorce timeframe.

She is my biggest life lesson, and (I am so tremendously lucky to say this) – my biggest success.

Keep your soundtrack going, dear girl. I will keep being your costar.


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