Things That Keep Me Up At Night: From Bro-Oprahs to Convenience Marriages to Feminists’ Daughters

Here is a partial list of themes I keep thinking I’ll turn into a blog post, novel or at least a Facebook rant. Maybe you all can help me figure out what to do with them.

In no particular order:

1. Whether people in a position to hear other people’s secrets (priests, therapists, flings) have a more compassionate, or more jaded view of mankind. Related: whether you need to know someone’s secrets to really know them.

2. Young, bro-Oprah types who seem to be trying to “help people” as writers / speakers who talk about themselves a whole lot. On Twitter, at conferences, in blog posts about blogging, etc. (Are they underemployed? Looking for girlfriends? A mystery.)

3. Writing a performance review for your life. Not your work life. Your whole life. What would your goals be? How would you measure success? How would your kids, friends, doctor, neighbors rate you?

4. Whether we can be forgiving of people’s transgressions without being enabling of those transgressions. A love the sinner, hate the sin thing – with the context of Paula Deen, Zimmerman et al.

5. Why I think ugly reviews (restaurant, literary, musical, or otherwise) are juvenile, unhelpful, and say a lot more about the reviewer than the reviewed.

6. A marriage of convenience – for money, for the kids, for political or business reasons, because both parties are gay and feel a need to appear straight – whatever… And whether that can be done in a healthy way or if by its very nature is a complete abomination of what it means to be married.

7. What happens in a school after a school shooting, as told in a magical realism way from the perspective of everyone who dies, including the shooters.

8. Post-feminism femininity: Women in their 30s and 40s who were raised by baby boomer feminists who fought to have big corporate careers. The daughters are now sewing their own clothes, cooking gourmet meals, and growing their own vegetables. What do their mothers think?

Anyway – things I think about while running, or driving, or falling asleep at night. How bout you?


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