All good things to those who see them

Lily, 6 months. Me, 24.

Do we meet people, see things, hear songs, start jobs, take chances – the right people, things, songs, jobs, chances – at the times we need to meet, see, hear, start, take them? Or, rather, are there times when we are more open to such experiences – more aware of the good that comes our way?

There was a morning this past summer when I sat in the sunshine at the City Center Starbucks, gazing at the blue sky and the downtown Presbyterian church, watching people, writing, and relishing the breeze. I’d been at a breakfast meeting at a friend’s office and was in no rush to get back to my own. Something about that morning sticks with me. It was unseasonably cool. I was unusually unhurried. I don’t know.

When you are in the right place, you know it. Even if there’s not much to talk about beyond your own good mood.

Christmas Day, I took a walk with my parents, daughter and aunt. We walked further than we anticipated, but we came across a hawk. A symbol of awareness, insight, perspective.

Two springs ago I went for a run with my daughter and sister-in-law. We left the house later than we wanted, but we discovered a robin being born.

Five years ago I took a job way outside my comfort zone. I was too naive to realize that running a news organization’s website was a big deal, but the humility may have saved me from early disasters.

Eleven years ago I was a brand new wife, living in a city 3,000 miles from my family and friends. I discovered I was pregnant, years earlier than I would have planned. Nothing on this Earth would have me reset that clock.

This morning I was downtown again, at another coffee shop a block away from the one this summer, with the same friend. We were discussing people and timing. The two of us like to say we met each other when we needed each other most – as she was healing from a broken engagement and I was recovering from a divorce. The truth, though, is that is when we really clicked. We’d actually met a year prior, when we were each in very different places.

Our coffee conversation meandered this way and that. Comfortable, easy, candid. Peppered with loud laughter despite its serious nature and the early hour. I can tell her exactly what I think of a situation. She can, and does, do the same for me.

As we were wrapping up, a man who’d been sitting nearby stood to leave and slipped my friend a note on a piece of yellow legal paper. It was a book recommendation, and with it he included a line, “Sometimes it is all about timing.”


Sometimes timing, sometimes awareness.

Often they are one in the same.


10 thoughts on “All good things to those who see them

  1. Moments – just when you need them – you get a letter from your daughter at just the right time – you find a picture in your desk drawer that brings back great memories just when you needed them – you see a deer that seems to be there for a reason – a SunDrop truck passes you on theinterstate and lets you know all’s right with the world
    Love you

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