Tree painting has a name!

I shared the story of how this painting came to be, and I asked people to help me give it a name…

The majority of suggestions centered on love, sharing or sharing with people you love:

The Family Tree

Life Love

Live Love

Love Song to Life


Diligo Vita Incrementum (Latin for Love Life Growth)

One person took that theme and made it punny:

Tree’s a Crowd

Tree’s Company

You’re All I Tree

Pinot Tree-o

Friends Come in Trees

Treeno Noir

Many focused on change or growth, some with an emphasis on patience:

In Tree Time

Growing Patience



Others on redemption:

Breathe Life Into Me

Looking Up

It Gets Better

Reach for the Leaves

And others on opportunity:

The Right of Spring



Tree of the Year

Year of the Tree

Many were more literal, with nods to nature and color:

A Cool Autumn Night

Autumn’s Glow

Lioness Leaves

A couple of those played with my name:

Knight Foliage

Falling Together at Knight

One, from a poet friend, incorporated most all of those:

Leaving Space for More

Three others, I’ll put in a category of “Only a Dude Could Write”:

Fish Fillet

Fall’s Naked Jewel

The Painting Formerly Known as ‘Untitled’

Did y’all know you were so literary? Or such dudes? The friend who helped me paint the tree trunk said, “Only you can name it, yaknow.”

Big surprise: I decided she is right… SORT OF.

I literally couldn’t have started the painting without her, and I couldn’t have finished it without a year’s worth of awesome experiences with great friends, an incredible family and amazing daughter. It’s been such a surprisingly joyous year, and all of y’all have helped me become all of me.

So at the risk of sounding super hokey and end-of-the-year sentimental, I’m naming this painting thusly. I’m calling it:

All Of Us

Thanks for a most precious 2011, y’all. May your 2012 garden be full of jeweled trees.


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