When Awesome Stops By

Spotted him on Christmas Day, 2011

Sometimes you look for Awesome, and sometimes Awesome finds you.

Awesome rescues you from a blown-out tire at 3 a.m. Awesome brings you dinner when you haven’t shopped and caffeine when you’re hung over. Awesome finds a Golden Girls marathon at midnight and then a Jersey Shore marathon when there’s a sad, Rose-misses-her-dead-husband episode.

Awesome runs with you – 11 miles on New Years Day, the park after work. Awesome rides with you – through weird places and beautiful ones … awesome places. Awesome cheers you from the marathon course, and Awesome puts you on the back of his motorcycle.

Awesome flirts you up in a random airport. He holds you in the hotel bar. Awesome pushes you against the window of an Italian restaurant, and he cradles you in the rain. Awesome carries you across the parking lot and loves you outside in the cold.

Awesome tells you, “I’m giving my uncle a kidney.” “We’re adopting a baby from Africa.” “I’m going to live with your grandmother while she recovers.”

Awesome hand-sews you a black pencil skirt. Awesome builds you a fire pit. Awesome makes her own marshmallows, and Awesome goes to Paris alone. Awesome saves her bake sale money and buys her best friend an American Girl doll.

Awesome dances on tables. Awesome sings with the band. Awesome plants things. Cooks things. Fixes things.

Awesome climbs Mt. Kilimanjaro with her mother. Awesome moves to be close to her daughter.

Awesome reads. Studies. Prays. Paints.

Awesome starts an absurd conversation before 7 a.m. Awesome says to her mother, “This fish only lives in waterfalls that are only in caves. More high maintenance than you.” Awesome says to his daughter, “You are a great kid, and we will work all this out together.” Awesome drinks tequila at noon on a Monday because the conversation needs to continue after coffee. Awesome comes to your house for Christmas.

Awesome keeps a blanket in the car because you never know when it might be a good time for a picnic, and flowers in the guest room because you never know when More Awesome might stop by.


11 thoughts on “When Awesome Stops By

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  2. Awesome says, “Hate to hear you got laid off…let us give you some freelance work so you can still afford Christmas and can put food on the table.”

  3. Awesome writes blogs, notes, cards, letters, and texts that make people smile, laugh, and cry…
    Awesome is fondly called Uncle Creepy,,, 🙂

    • I save all our correspondence, Mom, including the text messages. Like this one:
      Me: Am looking for a babysitter next Sunday afternoon so I can have pinup photos taken with my girlfriends. (long story) If you’re interested. In babysitting. Or having your photos made. Either way.
      You: I’m much better qualified to babysit than sit for pinup photos. Be happy to watch Lily.
      Me: Thank you! Will call you later.
      You: Lily wants to know how long it takes to take naked pictures.
      Me: Haha. Wrapping up now.
      You: Does that mean you’re putting clothes on? 🙂

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