Things to do with doors

I took these pretty door photos in India in June, and I’ve been meaning to find a use for them.

So, of doors and what to do with them…

I cut a hole in one in January so the cats could use the litter box in the garage. The one with a brain injury figured out what to do with it. The passive aggressive one prefers my daughter’s bathtub.

I finally started locking my car door last winter after a homeless man broke into it the week before Christmas. He took a few granola bars and left his crack pipe.

I rarely close my office door.

I temporarily repaired the door to my garden by beating a nail back in with the broken weed eater. Then I fixed the weed eater.

If I don’t latch it, the door to my screened porch bangs loudly during storms. I like that.

What happens behind closed doors…

When one door closes…

The girl next door…

As a teenager, I slammed a lot of doors when I fought with my mom.

Buildings in India have doormen and elevator men.

I greet people at doors. I want to be greeted there, too. Sometimes the music is too loud and I don’t hear the knock.

Can you imagine a door made of solid silver? One of the photos below shows a door made of solid silver.

Alice was one nervy girl to walk through that tiny door. I yearn to walk through doors tiny and mammoth.

I have friends who, if they were cops, would kick down doors. I have others who would opt for pebbles thrown at a second-floor window.

The passive aggressive cat stands outside my daughter’s door and meows until she opens it. Actually, the other one does the same.

Doors are for all manner of curious creatures.


8 thoughts on “Things to do with doors

  1. I once slammed my bedroom door against the wall when I was a child. I learned what holes in drywall look like as a result.

    When I hit my head on a garage door when I was five, my mom said it was okay to swear. (Recent scientific studies show that she was right: swearing would have helped me deal with the pain.)

    When I slammed the door of my 1980 Bonneville in college, I learned the force of it can shatter a plastic strap inside the door, dropping the window all the way down rather quickly, and I learned how to fix it.

    (This game is fun! Though I’m worried it might expose some anger management “issues” I might have had…)

  2. And you have friends who come right in your door without even knocking (feeling comfortable enough to do so… assuming the music will be too loud… knowing it is the kind of Sunday afternoon you’ll probably be on the back porch anyway).

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