Gift of time

This morning I woke up an hour earlier than usual and gave myself time to:

  • Watch the sun rise. The sky is dark, then it’s gray, then it’s yellow, then it’s blue. Warm under a blanket, from my porch.
  • Start dinner. Split peas are soaking and ready for soup when I’m home from work.
  • Drink my own coffee. Not Starbucks. Not my coworker’s.
  • Walk around my garden. Take pictures of the blooms that weren’t there last night, but have magically appeared this morning.
  • Listen to music. Slow, soft. Sam Cooke, romantic Elvis. No need for anything drilling to get me going.
  • Write. In my journal. This post.

I can rarely buy time for myself in the mornings, but it’s such a gift when I do. How about you? What would you do with 60 minutes of extra solitude?


5 thoughts on “Gift of time

  1. I’m always trying to find extra time. I think it’s just a matter of making it, by removing the stuff that wastes your time.

    Speaking of time, I spent my entire day playing games with my kids. It was the perfect way to recover from PodCamp.


  2. I’ve been trying to get up earlier to start walking/running. With nicer weather approaching, that should be motivation in itself! But, also, read my devotion, enjoy a cup of coffee in silence, and read the books that are starting to take over my nightstand!

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