Early spring: Enjoy what blooms today

Three lessons from my garden this morning:

1. Appreciate the past, for it makes the present possible.

Fresh yarrow pokes above last summer’s wilted foliage.

This particular hydrangea blooms from old wood, which I’ve learned not to remove.

Several clusters of pyracantha berries remain from the fall as daffodils bloom in the early spring. I love the contrast in colors.

2. Have faith that today will yield a lush tomorrow.

Shoots, reeds and  leaves will be tulips, irises and lilies in no time.

Pink climbing roses will fill this corner.

My name will be covered in wisteria. The quince will be covered in apricot-colored blossoms. Peonies will need stakes.

3. Above all: Enjoy the delicate present!

Hellebores blooms face the ground. You have to photograph them from very close, looking upward.

Crocus is only here for a little moment, but it’s here before anything else.

I have 399 more on the way, but this tulip has the privilege of being the first.


3 thoughts on “Early spring: Enjoy what blooms today

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