Blog hiatus ends with spring

I went for a run Sunday in the rain and noticed lots of daffodils had opened up over the weekend. The bulbs in my garden are late bloomers, but there are a trillion of them. When it’s their time, you’ll know.

In the last couple of years of gardening, I’ve learned the show is worth the work and wait. (Photo is from last April.)

Here are some other things I’ve learned in the past several months since taking a break from blogging:

How to cut a cat flap into an insulated garage door: Take it off the hinges, drill holes in the four corners where you want the flap to go, and use a skill saw to cut the hole. If you accidentally cut the hole too big, go to the pet store and buy a bigger door. Brag about the endeavor to all men, especially your dad.

How to connect a new computer to the internet: The Comcast guy is helpful, and it’s nice when you know your best friend’s web designer husband is just a text message away, but it’s sooo much better when you can handle this yourself. Especially if your job title at work has “digital” in it. Read all the manuals and check to make sure you have cords going to the right places.

How to make new friends: Throw parties. Cook something nice. Go places. Accept invitations. Say yes. It’s not that hard.

How to tell your child about Santa Claus and sex: The Santa conversation is much worse. The sex talk can be enlightening and sweet. Ideally: both parents for both conversations. This is heavy stuff, and you each bring perspective and – together – balance.

How to join a church: Find the right place. Talk to people, or don’t. Admit to your past church baggage. (We all have it.) Show up.

How to speak in public: Know what you’re talking about. Be passionate. Don’t worry if you’re so passionate you veer toward the emotional.

How to ask for more: I think this is the hardest. It comes with knowing yourself, knowing your needs, and demonstrating those to other people.

How to resurrect a blog: “Press Publish”. Easy.