Why vintage styles will never be out of fashion

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It was Father’s Day and the men were playing “golf”  in the back yard (drinking beer, hitting balls at tree stumps). Catherine and I raided our mother-in-law’s numerous jewelry boxes. Actually, they were her mother’s jewelry boxes. I don’t know why she asked us to pull them out. She was either nostalgic or bored. I have a better guess as to how she was feeling by the time we were finished. Continue reading


Do our personalities change as we get older?

A friend from high school who lives in Colorado recently returned to Nashville to visit his mother. He arranged for some of us who still live in Tennessee to get together in a bar and hang out with him while he was in town. I thought about why it took his visit to compel the rest of us to reconnect. After all, most of us live within a couple hours of each other. But that’s not such a mystery, is it? In our 30s, we’re not the same people we were in our teens. Right? Continue reading