It’s like these roads were paved just for me

I ran Spencer Creek, even in the snow.

The dark never stopped me from running after work, nor did the cold or snow. I returned home more than once with ice on my eyelashes and wind-whipped tears frozen on my cheeks. But beyond the warmth that spring brings, I’m delighted by the extended daylight.

This evening, I ran down Broadway, around the honkytonks and touristy side streets, then back up Demonbreun where a giant crater signals construction on the new convention center. I enjoy dodging tourists and Preds fans, and soaking in the city through their senses. Observations: Nashville’s live playlist is far more interesting than “Knight’s Running List” (Lady Gaga, Fergie), but not as interesting as “Knight’s Overall List” (Peggy Lee, Steely Dan). It’s weird that people still smoke so much. No one stops for pedestrians or runners, though they do stare at them. And, finally, I think I may actually look cute in cowboy boots.

That’s the Honkytonk Route.

There are other such “I live in a really cool place” routes I’ve discovered while chasing an urge to run.

Del Rio Pike, Cotton Lane, Old Hillsboro Road, Spencer Creek, the beastly and beautiful Lynnwood Way. Some of these roads near my house are so pretty, the farms and historic houses along them so lovely, I have had to force myself not to weep so I don’t waste oxygen. My favorite roads cross the river; my very favorite cross it more than once, on rickety old bridges. On one run, I was particularly desperate for my phone. I thought: If I had my phone (which has a camera), I would take a photo right now, and post it to Twitter or Facebook or both, and write, “This is the loveliest 10 miles of all the world.” I’m glad I didn’t, because the loveliest 10 miles in all the world are the ones you were running that moment.

And, sure enough, the next weekend, I found 10 that were lovelier.


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