Say thanks! It might make someone’s day.

A friend observed a cashier’s response when he thanked him for his patience at the end of a complicated transaction. “No problem,” the cashier said.
“‘No problem.’ What do you suppose that means, exactly?” asked my friend, who is a writer and thus pays attention to words.

“Maybe he’s stopping short of “you’re welcome”, because he’s really just doing his job,” I replied. A shrugging, “no sweat” acknowledgement that yeah, he’d been helpful, but he was paid to be helpful, and besides that, it had been a pretty nice day filled with relatively happy people.

That was yesterday. It was a pretty nice day, wasn’t it?
I myself feel compelled to say “Thank you” and “You’re welcome” in a bit more careful way to a couple of people.

I’ll start by thanking Jackie Johnston. She was not just doing her job when she surprised me with an outstandingly warm shout-out on her own personal blog, The night before last, I finally got around to writing a blog post about book lovers. I’d been crafting it in my head for a while, and I’d interviewed Jackie, who is a publicist for Nashville book publisher Thomas Nelson, a couple weeks ago.

I count Jackie among my “friends in waiting” – women I’ve grown to admire through digital circles, with whom I already share a good many friends in common, and with whom a “real life” relationship seems imminent. Right before I went to bed, I sent her the link as a head’s up. By 7:30 the next morning, she’d posted this on her own blog. I was very touched by the generosity of her post, as well as the comments that followed and the friends of both of ours who forwarded our links around to others.

Among the comments to my book lovers post was one from longtime friend and former colleague Kathi Chavez, whose husband died last year after many years struggling with leukemia. Kathi, who is a voracious reader, thanked me for arranging for her to have books when her husband was ill and she could not get to the library. “Reading is as vital to me as breathing,” she wrote.

I hope my “thank you” to Jackie means at least a quarter of what Kathi’s meant to me. If it does, it will make her day.

One thought on “Say thanks! It might make someone’s day.

  1. You have made my day and although you probably don’t know this, which is what makes it extra special…today is going to be so crazy and hectic and a lot of things will go wrong so I can hold on to this during the day. Thank YOU!

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