Seven pretty green things

The Irish surname Green has a branch on my father’s family tree, and my dad’s mother dyed her hair red long beyond anyone’s memory of its original auburn. Nevertheless, I have never been one to adorn myself (or awash my beer) in a serious green glow just because it’s St. Patrick’s Day. So in subtle honor of today’s holiday, I offer six gently green (ish) images from around my home and garden. Enjoy!

My friend Arienne Holland gave me this as a present. It belonged to a teacher at Nashville's Howard School. It's among the loveliest presents I've ever received.

I wish I liked gin more than I do. It seems more Mad Men to order a gin martini than its modern vodka cousin, which is what I normally do. (When I order a martini at all!)

The little bit of green sedum planted among all the colorful hens and chicks and stonecrop is an ironic pop of color in the rock garden.

I have several pewter serving bowls. Sometimes I put candles or flowers in them. Sometimes peas. 🙂

I wear this all the time, and I love it with one particular dress that I also wear with elbow-length gloves.

I like the bit of green from the pineapple among all the gold in my bedroom curtains.

I bought this for myself from the Frist gift shop. A couple of years ago, I took a break from a bad day at work, walked to the museum, and looked for something pretty. I wear this pin on days I think I might need to remember that day.


4 thoughts on “Seven pretty green things

  1. Moppy – I am with you on original ingredients. I just need to broaden my appreciation for gin. I almost always go for scotch or bourbon. I come by it naturally.

  2. It’s the gin that catches my eye. According to the bible, sometimes known at the New York Times, the only true martini is made with gin. That modern cousin properly should be called a vodkatini. And try Plymouth gin. Mama and I think it makes the best martinis.

  3. Your aunt would be pleased with all the green.
    Do you remember when the neighbor kids spray painted the dog green? Suppose that was actually just a tribute to St. Patrick?

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